“Thank you for today’s lesson it was lovely as always! I love my lessons with you. They have been life changing for me. My body and mind have improved so much. Before I came I was in constant pain. My back and the nerve pain was terrible. Now my body is adapting itself. I feel like I am more in control of my body. I am happier, through yoga. I know I have a long way to go but I love challenging myself and learning. Marsha Allah”. — Mumtaz, mother, wife and yoga practitioner 

“Thank you so much for the last 5 days down at Carthew Farm for you retreat. I appreciate all you did to put it together. I always feel so much better and stronger and more at peace within my self after attending your retreats. It was very encouraging to hear that you have noticed that I am noticeably stronger and focused in my yoga practise. You girls have started me on a journey that is making me a much happier, less anxious and calmer person. I cant believe how lucky I was to come across you both and signing up off the internet to that first retreat you held at Carthew Farm last March. It was meant to be. You have opened up a whole new world to me that I now want to live and incorporate in my daily life. People have noticed a change in me and for the better. What better confirmation of being on the right path. Thank you so much”. — Sasha, mother, wife, smallholder and yoga practitioner

“Thank you for the most beautiful, grounding and healing evening. I feel the most present I have in my life. Thank you". — Suzie, yoga teacher

“I had the most wonderful time on Christabel and Ruby’s Yoga and Nature retreat. The long nature walks allowed me to re ground and connect to my inner self and were hugely complemented by the twice daily yoga classes and the delicious vegan food. I felt feeling wholesome, rejuvenated and full of inner warmth. Ruby and Christabel are hugely special” — Alex, primary school teacher