London Yoga Festival

As founders of Advaya we have been part of the organising committee for the BWY London Yoga Festival. The Festival is a unique gathering of yogis from all backgrounds and traditions, and returns each year with some of the finest international teachers and lecturers representing a variety of yoga styles and disciplines.

Seminars, masterclasses and workshops are designed to foster relationships and inspire new perspectives. We launched over a weekend in October 2018 and brought together 45 sessions and 28 facilitators to explore the theme of Dharma: finding your individual, authentic path. 

Teachers included Doug Keller, Gary Carter, Colin Dunsmuir, Miranda Taylor, Michael Geary, Mark Singleton, Tara Fraser, Satish Kumar, Ruth Westoby, Françoise Freedman, David Sye, Scott Johnson, Bridget Woods Kramer, Jason Birch & Jacqueline Hargreaves, Susanne Lahusen, Lisa Kaley-Isley, Liz Lark, Andrea Kwiatkowski, Bridget Thornborrow and Sarah Lindsey, Heather Mason, Zoe Knott, Wendy Haring, Tarik Dervish, Karuna Jackman, Christabel Reed and me.

Next Year’s festival will take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2019 - sign up here for tickets

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